Notice Nature

Getting some time outdoors is a proven way to help improve your mental health. Go for a short walk and whether you are in the countryside or the city, count how many different natural shapes and colours you find. Intentionally noticing your surroundings is a great way to be more mindful and present during your day.

Look for the sky, clouds, leaves, birds, flowers…

Achieve a goal

Write down three fairly simple goals for the week and try to achieve them by this time next week.

Examples could be…

Do a random act of kindness.

Do a 1 day social media detox.

Drink more water.

Volunteer one hour for a good cause

Let us know what you come up with using #MLCeu


Time to get moving! Learn some dance moves and practice with these fun Zumba videos. Zumba originates from Latin American music and dance steps, do you have a dance local to you? We’d love you to share it with us #MLCeu

Beginner Level

Intermediate Level

Activate your senses


Look around the room you are in.

Notice 5 things as you look around. Try to pick out
things you would not normally notice.

Focus on the shapes, colours and different patterns that surround you.


Keep your eyes closed.

Focus on 2 things you can smell.
a. What different scents can you pick up around you?
b. Are there strong smells around you? What are they?
c. Are there familiar or new smells?
d. Do you like the smells?


Keep your eyes closed.

Focus on 1 thing you can taste.
a. How your tongue feels resting between your teeth?
b. Can you still taste the last thing you ate?
c. Can you taste something that you can also smell?
Open your eyes and write down or draw all the things you felt, heard, smelt and tasted.


Now, close your eyes. Bring your attention to the things you are currently feeling.

Can you focus on 4 things you can feel?
a. Where are your hands? Are they touching
anything? What does it feel like?
b. Can you feel your shirt against your skin?
c. What about your body? Can you feel where you are tense or relaxed?
d. Can you feel the air around you? Is it warm or cold? Is there a breeze?
e. Can you feel what you are sitting on? Is it soft or hard? Wet or dry? Smooth or bumpy? Cold or hot?


Keep your eyes closed.
Focus on 3 things you can hear.
a. What sounds can you hear around you? Can you notice anything different to before?
b. Can you hear noises in other rooms?
c. Outside?

Fitness Test

Time yourself, how quickly can you walk, bike, run, scoot or actively travel one mile?

Record your result – this is your personal best – now try to beat it!

Are there any legendary runners from where you live? Here in Wales we have Guto Nyth Bran and we celebrate his story every New Years Eve with a road race.

find out more at this link