Gender Bias

Understanding gender bias is an important step towards creating a more equitable and just society. By becoming aware of gender bias and taking actions to combat it, you can contribute to a more equal and fair future.

Read the following statements with your group and identify whether they represent gender bias or not. If the statement represents gender bias, explain why.

a. “Men are better at math and science than women.”

b. “Women should focus on their family instead of their career.”

c. “Boys don’t cry.”

d. “Girls are more emotional than boys.”

Brainstorm ways to address and combat gender bias. Identify at least two actions that you can take to promote gender equality and combat gender bias in your own life.

Report it

Learn what hate crimes are. Then help to clean up social media by reporting any hate crime posts you see.

Spread positivity

Write down 20 positive messages (against hate speech, for equal rights, a world without discrimination) and share them in your local area.

Make them into posters and see if local shops and businesses will display them for you.

If you share them online let us know #MLCeu

Map of rights

With your group, draw a large map of your town including all of the public buildings, schools, services (hospital, police station…) as well as your houses and any important places for the community.

What human rights do you associate with each place on the map? The right to education? Privacy? Self expression? Religion?

Do any of the places on your map have lots of rights associated with it? Where don’t you have many rights?

Compare your map with another group, have they missed anything? Have you?

What can be improved in your area?

Shared history

Arrange a history sharing walk with the older members of your community. Take photos and write down, film or record the information you learn. Add it all to a padlet board or share it with your friends via social media.

Let us know what you learn #MLCeu